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Winter tire packages

Looking for the right package to fit your vehicle this winter? Look no further then Mercedes-Benz London to find the right fit for your vehicle.

Winter tire packages

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Why buy Winter Tires?

Winter is creeping up fast and it’s time to start thinking about getting your vehicle ready for the ice and snow ahead. Here at Mercedes-Benz London, we want to reward you for thinking ahead with great deals on Winter Tire packages available.

1. Compromise-Free

Winter tires have both a flexible rubber compound and unique tread design that’s made exclusively for use on snow, slush and ice and in cold temperatures.

2. Not Just for Snow & Ice

Did you know that all-season or summer performance tires get really, really hard when it’s cold outside? Since effective traction relies on tires being soft and malleable against the roads surface, hard tires can be a recipe for disaster. In cold weather, even on dry roads, the softer, more flexible rubber used in the construction of winter tires provides that all-important give that all-season tires lose when it’s cold out.

3. Enhanced Safety

Today, highly advanced stability control systems, braking control systems and even hazard-detection features like pre-collision auto-braking are becoming more common. Remember, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake-force distribution, traction assist and stability control systems don’t make traction. They simply help maximize the use of traction that’s available. Provide these systems with more physical grip by installing winter tires, and they’ll work better at keeping you and yours safe.

4. Maximized AWD

Proper tires for the season gives your AWD system plenty more grip to work with, allowing it to do its job with maximum effectiveness.

5. Longer Tire Life

It goes without saying, but hey, it’s worth a mention. Swapping to a set of winter tires will extend the life of your all-season rubber, while it sits the season out in your garage. This can help offset the up-front cost of your winter tires. Many drivers prefer to mount their winter tires on a set of black steel wheels and leave the gleaming factory alloys away from the salt and sand.

6. Thirty Feet

In most driving situations, thirty feet isn’t a major distance. It’s about as long as a pair of Ford Focuses. The distance across a small intersection. At the highway speed limit, you’re covering thirty feet three times per second. But, when you’ve got to stop for a red light at a busy intersection covered in snow and ice, that 30 becomes a very, very big deal. Thankfully, a decent set of winter tires can easily slash 30 feet or more from your stopping distances on snow, possibly making the difference between avoiding and entering an accident.

When to Put on Winter Tires.

The general rule of thumb for when to put on winter tires is that you should put them on when temperatures consistently fall under 4.5 degrees Celsius. Conversely, take them off when temperatures consistently rise above 4.5 degrees.

Of course, some London drivers might be wondering, “why not just leave the same pair of winter-ready tires on all year?”. That’s because winter tires reduce fuel economy. Summer tires, on the other hand, shouldn’t be used in the winter because they wear down much faster on cold roads.

Why Choose Mercedes-Benz Winter Tires?

The reason that Mercedes-Benz winter tires are the best winter tires on the market is that they’re actually all-season Tires. You can leave them on all year, continue to get good fuel economy, and not worry about whether or not the treads are being run down too fast by ice. They also come with run flat sidewalls.

Run flat sidewalls allow you to drive an extra 80 km at under 80 km an hour when your tire drastically drops in pressure. This buys you time to find a garage to get a tire replacement or patch.

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