What do the numbers on your tire mean?

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On your tires there are strings of letters and numbers on the side. We’ve explained what they all mean, so you can find the perfect set of replacement, or winter tires at Mercedes Benz London.

What Do My Tire Numbers Mean?

The easiest way to explain what do the numbers on tires mean is to work out an example. Let’s take a look at a tire with P215/65R15 95H printed on its walls. While this lengthy code might feel like a random string of text, it can be broken down into several components that we’ll describe below. If you notice any other symbols, like snowflake markings on winter tires, feel free to ask our service department for additional help!

  • P: The P indicates the type of vehicle. In this case, the P stands for “P-Metric Tire” or a passenger vehicle. You might notice an LT for a light-weight truck or no code at all, which means you have a European style tire.
  • 215: This number indicates the width of the tire in millimetres from sidewall to sidewall. This tire is 215 millimetres.
  • 65: This is the aspect ratio, or the ratio of tire’s height compared to its width. The larger the aspect ratio, the larger the sidewalls of the tire. This tire has an aspect ratio where the height is equal to 65% of the tire’s width.
  • R: The R tells you what kind of tire construction is present. In this case, it is “radial.”v
  • 15: This number represents the wheel size. This tire is meant for a 15-inch wheel.
  • 95H: The final number indicates both the load index and speed rating. The load index is 95, which shows how much weight the tire can support. The speed rating is given as a letter between A to Z, and this tire’s “H” rating means it can reach up to 130 mph.

How Do I Check My Air Pressure?

Beyond learning what do tire numbers mean, learning how to take proper care of your tires can improve the lifespan of your set tremendously. One of the most simple and effective ways to monitor your tire’s health is to check the tire pressure periodically. Most vehicles include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which enables you to check up on your Mercedes-Benz tires without lifting a finger! But if you don’t have this system in place, feel free to drop by our parts department in London to pick up a tire gauge.

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