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Parts Tips & Tricks

Here at Mercedes-Benz London, we use genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts every time. Whether you’re a DIY auto enthusiast or simply need a car battery replacement or new tires, you can count on our Parts Department. We want to share all our parts tips and tricks with you so you can better understand your Mercedes-Benz! We’ll walk you through the cost of a transmission, help you find the right tires for your vehicle, and much more.

Winter Tire Tips

The Mercedes-Benz London Tire Centre is here to tell you everything that you need to know about winter tires. We’ll also cover the advantages of choosing Mercedes-Benz winter tires over the competition.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories

If you are looking to add touches of optimized the cargo space of your GLC, or personal style of another luxury Mercedes-Benz, you should consider Genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories and Mercedes-Benz OEM parts.

AMG Performance Parts

AMG models are built to deliver some of the highest performance on the market. These precision-tuned parts help you maintain the thrilling performance of your vehicle, to take performance and power even further.

Mercedes-Benz Wheels

From choosing to drive a Mercedes-Benz in the first place, to selecting a model, trim level, colour, and accessories, there are so many ways to make your Mercedes-Benz stand out on the London streets.

How long do brakes last

It depends on a number of factors: driving habits, location, and more. If you’re trying to gauge how many KMs the brakes will last on your model, we’ve gathered some information to help you make a rough estimate.


We explain the differences between AWD and 4WD. Once you’re done reading, explore our inventory and fill out a pre-approval to take the next step with Mercedes-Benz London.

Where is this water coming from?

Your vehicle leaking fluid onto your driveway is usually not very serious. Sometimes however it can be serious, which is why we’ve explained the different signs and when to come in to see our experts.

Driving Modes

Our vehicles integrate a technology called DYNAMIC SELECT. This feature allows you to customize gear shifts, throttle input, suspension stance, and steering sharpness to fine-tune the way your vehicle drives.

What do tire numbers mean?

On your tires there are strings of letters and numbers on the side. We’ve explained what they all mean, so you can find the perfect set of replacement or winter tires at Mercedes-Benz London.

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