2024 GLS SUV

Breadth of Capability. Depth of Character.


Don’t just ride apart from the crowd, travel above it. The spacious, sumptuous, 7-seat GLS wraps thoughtful innovations in fresh style and even more refined luxury.

A digital cockpit with a human touch

A digital cockpit with a human touch.

Widescreen displays and more advanced and intuitive visual, voice and touch interfaces help the GLS feel quickly like second nature. Exquisite craftsmanship envelops you in timeless luxury.

First class amenities.

Even in the third row.

With a giant sunroof, 64-coulor ambient lighting, ventilated front seats and a power second row, the GLS offers everyone the Star treatment. Available luxuries range from four massaging seats to 5-zone climate control.

First class amenities


The GLS has many dimensions, but they all aim to outmeasure other large luxury SUVs. Rigid standards create a flexible vehicle that’s spacious yet agile. And at home on a trail, with a trailer, or coddling you in its fine tailoring.

Advancing a legacy of luxury

Advancing a legacy of luxury.

The GLS was born to be a Mercedes-Benz SUV, not adapted from a pickup truck. Independent air suspension helps the roomy third row offer first-rate comfort. The standard power second row, available to seat two or three, also helps make 3rd-row access easy.

Turbo torque

Turbo torque. Hybrid assist.

Both the 375-hp GLS 450 turbo inline-6 and the GLS 580’s 510-hp biturbo V8 offer advanced tech and abundant torque. Featuring hybrid electrification, their Integrated Starter-Generator can also add a burst of power to allow gas-free coasting and lower emissions.


The GLS offers truly luxurious seating for seven adults, standard. A 6-seater layout with power 2nd-row captain’s chairs is also available. The Premium Rear Seating Package can make the rear cabin even more accommodating.

The GLS offers truly luxurious seating for seven adults standard
Give your senses a fresh new sense of luxury

Give your senses a fresh new sense of luxury.

Front seats are heated, ventilated and available with massage. The second row offers similar luxuries. Even the armrests can be heated. Ionizer-purified air can soothe the whole cabin with a subtle infusion of fragrance./p>

it's a leader

Even without a trailer, it’s a leader.

A big 3,500kg towing capacity is just one of the GLS’s superhuman abilities. Available tech can ease you through traffic, change lanes with the tap of a turn signal, or help you back up a trailer.

See it for yourself.

From every angle, the new GLS is the most Mercedes SUV ever made. It’s the largest and most luxurious SUV ever designed by Mercedes-Benz, its sophistication matched only by its power and capability. The pinnacle of luxury meets best-in-class innovation and performance.

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