2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Timelessness leaps ahead.


Even the tiniest detail is on a grand scale.

Grille blades shimmer. Pillar emblems glow. Paintwork and chrome accentuate flowing lines and a confident stance. The cabin is the work of 16,000 needles in unison, and several pairs of expert hands.

Sumptuous at every step.

From a warm welcome to a “hot stone” massage, every moment in a Maybach is time well spent. Legroom is expansive, with room to recline as you enjoy the extensive amenities.

Attentive in its nature.

Twin Executive seats flank a centre seat/business console. Active LED lighting, gesture control and a virtual voice assistant anticipate, learn and respond with a natural feel.

Confident in its elegance.

Every surface conveys the depth of engineering within. Forged-alloy 20″ or 21″ wheels include polished & fluted designs. Eighteen paint choices include 7 unique two-tones.

Immersive in new dimensions.

30 speakers with in-seat resonators deliver Burmester High-End 4D sound you can hear and feel and that can be tuned to individual seats with ear-level speakers guiding the driver.


Measure it by the lengths it’ll go for you.

Technological firsts quickly feel like second nature. An Organic LED haptic touchscreen, 3D digital instruments and extensive LED illumination engage with your senses.

Personal, thoughtful, and attentive.

The digital cockpit responds to your natural spoken requests, or via touchscreens and a tablet. Climate and seating comforts tend to passengers individually. Music, lighting, massage and aromatherapy rival your favorite spa.


Paradise for passengers can still delight a driver.

Majestic presence and palatial comfort do not overshadow the driving joys of poise and power. In fact, its strength, agility and surefootedness are the very sources of its composed comfort.

Swift, seemingly effortless.

Twin-turbo torque on all four wheels with constantly calculated precision. When the weather changes, or the road turns, 4MATIC sends power to the wheels that can use it best.

Forward-thinking thrust.

The innovative electric assist of EQ Boost adds gas-free torque to the biturbo V8’s already strong output of 496 hp and 516 lb-ft. It’s motivation with a modern twist.

Level-headed enthusiasm.

AIRMATIC suspension adapts each wheel to minimize the motions felt by passengers. Automatic leveling keeps an even keel under load, a lower profile at speed.



Rear-axle steering turns the wheels up to 10 degrees opposite the fronts for tighter low-speed turns. Subtler angles in either direction can enhance stability and lane changes.

See it for yourself.

From every angle, the new S-Class Maybach is luxurious. It’s one of the largest and most luxurious coupes ever designed by Mercedes-Benz, its sophistication matched only by its power and capability. The pinnacle of luxury meets best-in-class innovation and performance.

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