2023 Mercedes-Maybach GLS

Travel in it’s finest form.


Detail on a grander scale: Every stitch feels tighter. Every pixel feels brighter. Exquisite materials greet your senses. Innovative luxuries engage, soothe, stimulate and satisfy. Comfort is the product of confidence with a commanding view.

Bespoke, beautiful, bountiful.

Glimmering grille blades and a standup Star tempt the eye. A grand sunroof welcomes the sky. The GLS 600 delivers an experience from first glance to full immersion in its lavish luxuries.

High Quality Leather.

Nappa leather in three distinctive shades extends to the ceiling. Any of five woods, finished by hand and edge-lit by LED, envelop the cabin.


First in a class of one: Innovation exists purely to serve your comfort, safety and convenience via multiple senses, from a virtual voice assistant, to subtle aromatherapy, to lifelike surround sound.

Attentive, advanced, abundant

An Executive Climate System focuses on individual passengers. Cabin settings are within reach via touchscreen and tablet. All four seats can offer a “hot stone” massage, accompanied by music and soft lighting.

The widescreen cockpit delivers a world of convenience to your fingertips or your voice. Along with three touch interfaces, the Maybach GLS can respond to your natural spoken requests.


The GLS offers truly luxurious seating for seven adults, standard. A 6-seater layout with power 2nd-row captain’s chairs is also available. A new Premium Rear Seating Package can make the rear cabin of the GLS 580 even more accommodating.

Give your senses a fresh

new sense of luxury.

Available new Energizing Comfort networks front-seat heating, ventilation and massage with ambient light and sound, to help rejuvenate your body and spirit as you drive. Ionizer-purified air can be subtly infused with fragrance. It’s a sensation for every sense.

Even without a trailer,

it’s a leader.

A big 3,500kg towing capacity is just one of the GLS’s superhuman abilities. Available new tech lets it spot a traffic jam and negotiate it hands-free up to 60 km/h. Change lanes with the tap of a turn signal. Or help protect your ears in a crash.

See it for yourself.

From every angle, the new GLS is the most Mercedes SUV ever made. It’s the largest and most luxurious SUV ever designed by Mercedes-Benz, its sophistication matched only by its power and capability. The pinnacle of luxury meets best-in-class innovation and performance.

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