A Guide to London: Local Attractions

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Local Attractions in London

The Old Courthouse

Easily the most unique landmark in London, the Old Court House has the ambiance of the castle it was modeled after – Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland. It has sat majestically overlooking the Fork of the Thames River since it’s construction in 1827. In present day it is mainly used as an event space for weddings, corporate functions and social gatherings.

The Children’s Museum

A staple for families in London, exhibits & stimulating learning experiences allow children to explore history & heritage, investigate the complexities of science and social relationships, and celebrate the beauty in art and culture. The Children’s Museum helps children indulge their curiosity and play their way to a life of innovation & creative discovery.

Outdoor Murals

A collection of outdoor murals can found throughout London. By designing something that didn’t previously exist, outdoor murals create vibrant neighbourhoods and a true sense of community that people want to visit, live in and take care of. They generate important conversations, challenge thoughts and encourage viewers to slow down and admire the surroundings.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an open-air museum in the Fanshawe Conservation Area. The village uses historical re-enactments to showcase the founding and development of London up to 1840. The purpose of the Pioneer village is to involve the community in the preservation of history through living history experiences.

Tree Trunk Tour

The Tree Trunk Tour demonstrates London’s love of trees and is enhancing its reputation as the “Forest City”. Carvers have created sculptures that, instead of being confined to an art gallery, are right out on public streets.95% of the carving is done with chainsaws and there are no 15 sculptures in the tour all over London.

Museum London

Museum London is Southwestern Ontario’s leading establishment for the collection and presentation of visual art and material culture. Through public and educational programming, special events and exhibitions, Museum London strives to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of regional art, culture and history.

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